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Time is forever flying by. There are moments that are unforgettable and can be captured with a single snapshot. Moments such as the first ultrasound photograph when you find out you are expecting, newborn photos, the six- month milestone, and then of course a year is here! We know in our hearts we will cherish these moments forever, but there is so much more that should be done to honor such a gift. Photographs are meant to preserve the past, a quick snap freezing a very precious moment in time to us. For example a one year old on their birthday is fascinated by all of the frenzy and excitement, not even realizing the celebration is for them! When we are able to document these exquisite times we ourselves forget what was going on and the simple moments baby experiences that express such innocence and whimsy.


Cake Smash Baby Photos Chicago

We wanted to show this exact scenario. We were able to photograph this beautiful 12 month old baby and show her this day was all about her and she was our little star. This 1 year old baby girl enjoyed being in front of the camera with all eyes on her. She is a witty, happy, and smart one year old baby girl growing fast before her parents and nanny’s eyes. Before she grows up too fast it was important to her family to show these last few nostalgic moments of sheer baby innocence. The parent’s style for the 12 month baby photography session was very neutral chic. It was a classic and timeless look with the simplicity of white and yellow colors and modest statement of, “I am one.” With that being said she was at first playful with her vegan cupcake, then devoured it and had fun smashing it between her toes and on dad’s face a few times. She finally surrendered to a nice warm bath at the studio after a fantastic job of being our best cake smash baby of the day! That was a great Cake Smash and Splash session. We did not take photos of the Splash afterwards…she was too wasted on sugar by then.

Cake Smash Photos Trend


According to The Daily Mail, now parents are having ‘Smash and Splash’ parties where babies are pictured having bubble baths after demolishing desserts. Apparently after the Cake smash baby photo trend started in U.S., Cake Smash Photography was embraced by parents in UK. It is amazing to see the baby having fun smashing a giant cake. Now, of course, the concept has moved on to include babies having a bath afterwards (as long as they are not tired).

Is your child turning one soon? Book a fun cake smash photography session with Sri and Jana Photography. It will be fun not just for the 12 month old but also for all of us.

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Asian Baby 100th Day Celebration Photoshoot

A family and new baby’s journey is very important to everyone. In Asian culture the “100th day” is a huge milestone. Our last photo shoot of the day was with baby Nathan to celebrate his 100th day! He was all smiles and giggles, as he loved getting his picture taken.

Chinese culture celebrates Baby’s first 100 days. Why?

According to the Asia Insider, “In Asia, the 100 days celebration traditionally marked the point at which a newborn was considered “out of the woods”. If a baby had survived to this milestone in an era when infant mortality rates were high, it was considered likely he or she would make it to at least the teenage years.”

The Chinese celebrate Baby’s first 100 days since they beleive that the baby will live 100 years.  In olden days, especially in Asian cultures, the baby and the mom during the baby’s first 100 days were not allowed to go outside the home or see other members of the family/friends. It was very important since the baby’s immunity to disease would be low during that time.

100th Day Chinese Baby Photo Session Plan

There for support and help for the 100th day baby photos was his amazing grandmother and parents. There to help me was my amazing assistant photographer, Cecily. She made the session go super-smooth and helped get those cute expressions. We were able to get a classic denim look of father and son and the bond of mother and son moments on camera. Baby Nathan also had a fun dinosaur costume he appeared to love all snuggled up on our chaise lounge. This year is the year of the sheep, but his mom couldn’t find such a costume and loves dinosaurs so it was suitable for the photo session. Cecily wanted to  show his cute baby rolls and features and decided to get a few detail shots using her macro lens. The experience was one to embrace ethnicity and our cultural traditions with an emphasis on the importance of family and celebrating life. It was the perfect way to end our day of shoots with a lovely family and very happy baby boy.

Chicago 100th Day Chinese Baby Photographer

Are you looking for a photographer to take your 100th day baby photos? Look at the adorable photos below. Make sure you book your session well in advance so we can plan the photo session and accommodate you. We have various backgrounds and beautiful light in our 2500 sq. ft photo studio. Call us at 312.493.5497 to book a session.


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Chinese-100-days-Photo100-day-photo-chinese-baby100-Day-Old-Chinese- Baby-Shoot100-Day-Old-Baby100-Day-Old-Baby-Shoot-Chinese100-Day-Old-Baby-Photography-Chicago100-Day-Old-Baby-Photography-Chicago-Sri-Jana100-Day-Old-Baby-photo-Shoot-Chinese100-Day-Old-Baby-Photo-Chicago100-Day-Old-Asian-Baby-Photos100-Day-Old--Chinese-Baby100-day-chinese-baby-photo-session



Newborn photography is art and science…challenging and fun at the same time. Taking cute photos of newborns is not a big deal…they are already cute:)…but making those baby photos unique pieces of timeless art is not an easy task.

See below the difference between a cute picture and an artistic one:)

Newborn-Photography-Sri and Jana


Our clients give us a huge responsibility every time they walk into our studio with their newborns. We want every picture of ours to be pleasing, calm, fun, and unique. You have to personally experience a session to understand all that goes into getting A pose – there’s only one option – the perfect pose:)

Look at the picture above for example. The hands are so relaxed on BOTH babies, feet beautifully shown and their faces as calm as they can be. When you look at these photos at any time, our goal is to make you feel calm, happy and relaxed just as they are. What you see is a result of a TON of experience and a LOT of patience.


Now double that work for double the fun – twin babies photography! This couple came to us with their two beautiful babies…Jana and I had so much fun putting them in all kinds of fun poses…end result ..gorgeous photos that the parents can not only show off  to their friends and family but also cherish for ever.



Are you having twins? Don’t think twice (pun intended:)– call Sri at 312.493.5497 to capture your tiny munchkins that remain so small for only a very short period of time.


Most of our clients come through referrals – especially (good…Great:)word of mouth. Our marketing strategy is very simple – focus on creating a great experience for our clients i.e. easy process + beautiful images – and they will refer their friends and family to us. If you have been following our blog, we had mentioned about this lovely couple that came in for their maternity photo session at 5 in the morning…yes 5 AM for a shot by the lake at sunrise! Ever since we took this shot of her, she has been getting so many compliments/enquiries from many of her friends.


So, one of her very good friends contacted us for her maternity photos after seeing the pregnancy photo that her friend had taken.

Jana and I love to deliver whatever our clients request, but also enjoy creating something different for everyone… especially when clients from the same family or friends circle come to us. We want to make sure that when they go to each other’s homes, they don’t see the exact same shot on their walls. We make sure we add a little something to the shot that gives a different look and feel to it.

So here’s the modified shot we did for this amazing couple:


We must say, she was such a sport…tolerated the wind and the cold with a smile! Unlike the shot of her friend’s, which was taken on a hot summer morning, her shot was taken on a freezing fall morning – it was about 20 degrees and windy by the lake!

Check out some more photos from her session:


We needed the sun to come out for the shot below and there was this huge black cloud covering it. When we were just about to give up, it showed up:)



We always tell our clients when we plan our sessions with them, ‘just bring your best mood and have fun’ and this couple did! They have some great stories to share from their maternity photo session and because they were such a happy couple, it made our work easy too. We all had a wonderful, fun time even though the weather was freezing outside!

If you want to have fun during your maternity photography sessions and take some amazing memories back with you, call Sri at 312.493.5497 to schedule your session!


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Newborn Baby Photographer Chicago | Adorable Baby Girl Photos:)

Chicago Newborn Photos Sri and Jana Photography

It gets even better second time around!

This fun couple came to us 2 years ago with their baby boy for their first newborn portrait session. Dad loves collecting vintage pedal cars and restoring them. How fun is that! We had an amazing time taking pictures of his son in that car.



He, BTW, owns a real car like the one above (see picture below:)

After we shot the newborn in the vintage car picture, we have had several requests for that red car prop.

He sent us this note 2 years ago  with the picture below… ” This is the next pedal car project, it’s the same car from 1936.  You may have to shoot dueling pedal cars for baby #2 (god willing) :)”

Vintage Car

They recently contacted us again regarding newborn photography for their second child…a baby girl this time:)Too busy to restore any cars this time around, they wanted something girly with no big props – just focusing on the beauty of the baby alone. Jana and I love minimalism – we prefer to have less props than more.

Here are some shots from this beautiful baby’s newborn photo session:

Chicago Newborn PhotographyModern Newborn Photographer Sri and Jana ChicagoGorgeous Newborn Girl PhotographyCute Newborn Photography Chicago

Sri and Jana Photography specializes in maternity photography and newborn portraits. We serve the Chicago land area and its surrounding suburbs. Check out our newborn and maternity photo galleries at www.photosbysri.com. If you are interested in booking a session, you can contact us at sri@photosbysri.com.


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